At Charis Vets we understand that pets are not mere add-ons to a family but rather an integral part of it. We provide holistic veterinary care to strengthen that family bond.

We do not believe in a ‘one-size fits all’ concept, when it comes to Veterinary care and medicine. Each individual animal, even within the same species, is very unique. So, at Charis Vets, we tailor make each of our services to meet each of these unique, different and complex animal needs.



We have a very holistic veterinary approach towards all our furry companions. We believe strongly that every animal’s immune system has the capacity to fight disease and we assist in enhancing this natural process. Therefore, we are against excessive medical and preventative interventions, such as excessive vaccinations and excessive antibiotic therapies.

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A little cat meowing at the front door of an apartment and a dog in the bedroom space of a seven-year-old drove Mr. & Mrs. Thomas crazy. The tenants sharing their same apartment block often wondered why they found cats and kittens in the stairways of their building, as if looking for a long lost friend. This was the beginning of a passionate career for a seven-year- old lad – Hansel.

But the story actually began years earlier, when Hansel (who was then petrified of animals) visited his family friends who owned a four-year-old mixed breed Bahraini desert dog, called ‘Jacky’. Hansel was always fascinated yet terrified of animals, (especially Jacky,) and always hid whenever he saw him. But that evening, he decided to muster up all the courage he could find, while standing on top of the two foot high sofa so that he was high up off the ground, with his eyes closed and hand stretched out, to get a feel of Jacky as he passed by. The moment he touched Jacky and looked into his eyes, the fears melted away and a strange fascination and passion for care of animals was born in Hansel.

Since then, throughout his childhood he would care for lost and abandoned animals and volunteer at the BSPCA animal shelter in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Soon, it was obvious to him and all onlookers that he was born to administer veterinary care and compassion to animals. So, choosing a career path was a piece of cake for Hansel and he soon went to Vet School in Bangalore and completed his Masters from Edinburgh University, UK.

Charis Vets was a dream for many years that started in the hearts of Hansel and his wife Elizabeth. Veterinary care on the island was either too expensive or incompetent. And they longed to make professional veterinary expertise available to everyone at an affordable cost.

Meet our

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Dr. Hansel Geo Thomas BVSc & AH, MS (UK) , FVMAS

Specialist Laparoscopy & Gynaecology Surgeon.

He’s been certified by the world association of laparoscopic surgeons as a fellow in veterinary minimal invasive surgeon. Because of this passion, Dr. Hansel has been an active volunteer at the BSPCA from the age of 8 years. As a veterinary practitioner, Dr.Hansel is known for his peculiar style of diagnosis. He has a friendly way around his patients and their owners, and, as he is extremely caring, breaks down information for better understanding. As much as he practices Science of Medicine, he believes in going as natural as possible. Dr. Hansel is a licensed veterinarian in Bahrain and his repertoire includes several years of experience working with small animals, large animals and exotics. He is also a falconer. Dr. Hansel holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Edinburgh, UK. As he has a special interest in small animal gynecology and homeopathy, he actively pursues cases in these disciplines.

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Dr.Wilson Lourenco Gomes Neto DVM , MS

Specialist Orthopedic and Neuro Surgeon.

Growing up in Rio de Janeiro where his home was filled with love and animals, Dr.WIlson knew for a fact that a career in veterinary science is his destiny. Graduating from the Universitiy of Jaguariuna in Brazil , he holds a postgraduate degree in Orthopedics and Neurosurgery from the Anclivepa in Brazil. He’s been certified by AOVet, Switzerlandand has completed several certifications and has done extensive work in the area of Ortho and Neuro surgery. He has also served as an instructor and professor in courses pertaining to surgery orthopedics, neurosurgery and physical therapy..

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Dr.Melvin Varghese Jacob BVSc & AH , MVSc , FVMAS

Specialist Ophthalmic Surgeon.

Dr. Melvin’s compassion for animals can be seen in his eyes. He makes sure that he is available even at an odd hour if your pet is in need. He completed his graduation from Kerala veterinary and animal science university, India. He holds a masters in veterinary surgery and radiology. Dr. Melvin developed an interest in ophthalmology and completed research work on corneal grafting and platelet rich plasma therapy for corneal injuries. He’s been certified by the world association of laparoscopic surgeons as a fellow in veterinary minimal invasive surgeon.


Sneha Susan Chandy

Clinic Manager

Susan is our creative Clinic Manager. She is the way to the answer you are looking for. So if you have a query, she is the go to person. She’s all about management of schedules, finance and customer relations. She is the shoulder you need.

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Noora Danesh

Veterinary Guest Expert

Noora is the voice of the clinic. She plays an important role by assisting all our furry friends and their parents. She loves to connect the dots between you and the doctors. You can be rest assured your pets are in her good hands, absolutely loved and pampered. Her cheerful nature is loved by every animal who walks into the clinic.


Amde Gemechu Bulita

Clinic supervisor

Amde will conquer you with his smile and gentleness. He has a caring touch, ensuring wagging tails, ever so passionate about creating a warm and welcoming environment for furry patients and pet parents while providing top-notch care.He is dedicated to making every visit a tail-wagging experience for your fur baby.

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Benjamin Eleta Friday

Veterinary Assistant

Ben equates to Calmness and attentiveness. He is the dog whisperer at Charis Vets. Dogs gravitate towards his energy. His sensitive and compassionate heart is all what your pet needs.

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Gwendolyn Desire Wregar


Gwen is the first certified hydrotherapist in the island. She is all about ensuring pain free and stabilizing work outs for your furry friends. In her spare time, you would see her swimming a dog or stroking a cat in the garden.

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